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A collection of value additions that add up to a winning collaboration.

Blufeather is a preferred manufacturing partner and shares an excellent professional rapport with a number of exclusive clientele from around the world. The reason being the exceptional service standards that it has set for itself. Its intuitive understanding of client needs. Fashion trends and its agility to respond with practical solutions, makes it services all the more trustworthy.

Fashion Designer Studio

Product Development 

This is the stage where it all happens. The collaboration between the designer and the Blufeather team, working in complete harmony to bring a collective vision to life.


The process commences with a design vision, consisting of fabric references, technical drawings and measurement specs. Blufeather approaches the whole process holistically always keeping the end product in mind. The team diligently follows detailed instructions plus accurate implementation of client requirements. A very methodical process is in place that helps the quick progression to the final fit sample.


It’s all about getting it right the first time, to achieve a result which ultimately delivers total client satisfaction!

Fabric Sourcing

Blufeather appreciates the importance of the sourcing of fabrics that completely match the designer’s vision. It has therefore nurtured an intimate connection with ethical weavers across India and also invested in sustaining a robust network of fabric suppliers. This results in a swift and on point response to the fabric order fulfilment.


From sourcing the base fabric, be it a custom weave, a specifically structured fabric, as well as fabrics of different weights, BluFeather has the network to get it sourced and delivered, to match any design specifications and delivery timelines.

Fabric Detail


Blufeather has a production facility, which is put entirely at the disposal of its valued clientele. The highlight of this well-structured process is the painstaking planning that goes into it. Blufeather places great emphasis on time and works to minimise or eliminate all wastage. The entire factory floor moves in a well-orchestrated sequence that delivers great efficiency, while at the same time minimising human errors.


Thorough quality checks at important production sequences further reinforces product merit. This translates into a market ready merchandise, ready to be shipped out to reach the client’s warehouse or a retail store, well in time. 


This is what is called planning for excellence!

Woman Cutting Fabric
Measuring a Blazer

Quality Assurance & Control

At Blufeather, quality is a vital stepping stone to excellence in every aspect. Be it the human resources employed or the production processes deployed. There is a tried and tested system of checks in place, which ensures that a macro and micro level of inspection and approval happens in real time. This covers everything from a swatch of fabric, to a stitch or even a button. That is the level of passion to quality at BluFeather.

You know your products are in good hands when they are with Blufeather!

Shipping & Logistics

When Blufeather defines its role as a valued end-to-end partner, it realises that its responsibility does not stop at simply manufacturing, but extends beyond that too. Blufeather therefore has a professional packing division which takes care of brand compliances in terms of size, type, colour as well as country wise packing as per the brand requirements. 


Blufeather has tie-ups with various logistics partners to facilitate highly efficient and traceable shipping of the finished goods across key global markets. Our logistics partners are fully equipped to offer both hanging and lay-flat merchandise, plus also offer white glove deliveries whenever called upon for exclusive merchandise.


From the shop floor to the retail shelves - Blufeather stays solidly committed to its clients!

Just Bought
Clothes Hanging

Brand Values

Blufeather studies, understands and appreciates what an individual brand represents. This ensures that when the finished product lands on the shelves, it conforms to a visually aesthetic wearing experience for the child.


Looking beyond aesthetics and adding intrinsic value, this is what Blufeather is all about!

Get In Touch


118A Andheri Industrial Estate, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053. India | Tel +912242153563

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